He Turned My Mourning Into Joy
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Suzanne Parker struggles to cope with the losses associated with her husband Daniel’s illness.

Never in her wildest dreams would she have thought they would be at such a place in their lives. Suzanne sinks into despair as Daniel fades before her very eyes

Why would God let this happen to someone who has given his entire life to serving Him?

Peter Clifton watches from afar as the woman he’s loved since childhood grieves for her husband. Love such as Suzanne has for Daniel is something Peter has yearned for his entire life. Will he be able to put God’s will first, being only a friend to Suzanne in her time of need? Sometimes, in the midst of our greatest sorrow, God brings unexpected joy.

Milo’s First Christmas

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Milo is a mischievous farm cat who doesn’t understand the meaning of Christmas.

While everyone is out shopping, Milo finds himself in big trouble after overturning the family’s fully decorated Christmas tree. Securing help from his wise friend, Grandfather Mouse, Milo redecorates the tree while learning about the true meaning of Jesus’ birth.

A great bedtime storybook for children of all ages!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat: 101 Heartwarming Stories about Our Happy, Heroic & Hilarious Pets
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Read Lynette’s story about Magic, her very special Momma cat!

Sometimes you can choose your family… by choosing to love a cat! But just because they’re animals it doesn’t mean they won’t be as complex and individual as anyone else around. Our cats can be so good, and then they can be not-so-good, but boy do they give us great stories! This collection of 101 funny, heartwarming, and sometimes mindboggling stories is all about all the very good, very bad, simply amazing things our cats do.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. From silly to sophisticated, from impish to affectionate, and everywhere in between, our cats are important and beloved members of our families. Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat will have readers of all breeds laughing, commiserating, and maybe even shedding a tear. These 101 heartwarming, humorous and completely true stories about our feline friends are sure to touch every cat lover’s soul. Perfect for every cat’s person.

And The Widow Wore Red
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For Gavin McKinley, the lead pastor of a growing congregation in southern Mississippi, life could not get any better. His hard work and long years of sacrifice have finally paid off. That is, until his wife, Gillian, becomes pregnant with their third child against Gavin’s wishes. Things take an unexpected turn when Gillian decides to keep the baby, knowing that she is defying her husband’s express command.

The Emerald Rainbow
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In the fall of 1930, Sheldon Henry’s life is in turmoil once again. His second wife, Eliza, struggles with a life threatening illness. Sheldon fears he may be left to raise his four young daughters alone as the Great Depression gains momentum.

Thomasina, a beautiful young Irish woman, is also facing an uncertain future. Her husband of one month abandons her. She is forced to take on the role of a housekeeper for which she is ill prepared.

With his faith stretched to its limit, Sheldon finds himself desperately reaching out to God for wisdom and direction.

How much tragedy can one man endure without completely losing hope?

Can a woman whose life has been shattered learn to trust God?

Can a man and woman from completely different backgrounds find love and forgiveness in a broken world?

Chasing Rainbows
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In one earth shattering moment, Sheldon Henry Stottz’s near perfect life is changed forever. In a single breath, the people Sheldon loves the most are gone and his rock-solid faith shaken to the core.

Why was God letting this happen? What had he done to deserve such agony, such utter pain?

Just when he thought things could not get worse, they did. At the graveside service of his beloved family, Sheldon Henry is suddenly arrested on suspicion of being a German spy. He is transported to a military prison for questioning.

In the midst of his sorrow and fear, Sheldon suddenly realizes that God has spared him for a purpose; a purpose he would perhaps soon understand.